1. Main Home Page
    1. Slideshow of Image(s)
      1. Image(s) representing you niche
    2. Call to action – Complimentary Consultation (link to Aquity Scheduler)
  2. About Monica
    1. Bio / Education / Training / Certifications
      1. Image of YOU
  3. Toolbox – What to expect…
    1. Description of EFT, Matrix, Etc
    2. Video from Science of Tapping
  4. Networking Professionals
    1. Specific Info for this market
  5. Services
    1. Sessions / Packages
      1. Description & Pricing
      2. Integration with Aquity & PayPal
      3. Thank You Pages
  6. Blog
    1. Set up for future use
  7. Contact Monica
    1. Pertinent Contact Information
    2. Call to action – Complimentary Consultation (link to Aquity7 Scheduler)

Summary: This outline is made up of the 7 main pages, plus supporting pages (for scheduling and payment) for your new website and the general content of each page. Every page will have a consistent header with your logo and tagline, and footer with your contact information and social media links. Testimonials will be scattered throughout all pages.

Please review the above outline carefully. If there is anything you would like to change or add to it, this is the time to do so, as it will effect the quoted amount of $950.00.

Optional weekly ZOOM meetings included.